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Dear Readers: Just in time for Gay Pride, advice for 15-year-old fags and dykes from grown up gays and lesbians...


Three words: HIGH SCHOOL ENDS. No matter how much life sucks right now, it will get better. It'll never be all rainbows and happiness, but some day you'll know, your family will know, your friends will know. The people who really care about you will stay with you, and you won't think twice about putting your name at the end of an e-mail like this.

Jamie Myslik


When I was a baby dyke, I would hang around the Gay/Lesbian and Women's Studies section of the local Barnes & Noble. If you're afraid of people staring at you (like I was), you can always just turn around and look at whatever shelf is behind it.



Don't be ashamed of being sexually inexperienced. It's way hotter than being prematurely slutty.



My advice to young lesbians [and gay boys] would be to join a local theater group. If you have no thespian tendencies, paint sets or take tickets. The cast party is what matters anyway. Most actors/actresses are at the very least bisexual by closing night of any play. The downside: Actresses cry a lot, which can be exhausting.

Small Town Diva


I wish someone had told me at 15 that I could go for anything in life. In my loneliness I assumed that all kinds of things were off-limits to me: sports, fraternities, genuine friendships, the possibility of raising kids. I shied away from potential friends and mentors, and wrote off professions and cities where I thought I wouldn't be wanted. I missed so many opportunities. Don't assume that doors are closed to you just because you're queer. And when you come across the occasional one that really is locked, kick the fucker down. It's your world.

Internalized It


If you live in a little town: Get the fuck out. Move to a big city where there're lots of people who are gay. You'll have more dating options, and people will treat you with more respect.

Mark F.


I wish I'd known that I could someday grow up, fall in love, get married (civilly united, whatever!) with my family in attendance, and have kids with the woman of my dreams.

Dyke In The Desert


When I was 15 I regularly got my dick sucked by men in the bathroom of our mall in Christian suburbia. At the time I was like a kid in a candy shop, shocked at my good fortune. I can only imagine today, with the advent of the internet and even easier anonymous sex, that horny teenage boys have a virtual smorgasbord of sex with strangers awaiting them at any time. But I implore you not to do it. The resulting sexual compulsions, secretiveness, double life, shame, inappropriate sexual boundaries, etc., that were created in my teens haunt me today at 36.

R. P.


I'm a 45-year-old black gay man and I hope not to come off preachy: Please don't imitate thugs and hard heads. They're not real. (I was lost like that and spent years incarcerated. Talk about some bad hair days.) Learn to enjoy reading at night, because there will be many nights when you will be alone. Being alone and lonely are two totally different things. Neither one requires that you go out and have sex with the first man who says "what up."

G. R. X.


Once I was a very closeted and very kinky 15-year-old gay boy. I came out as gay at 18, but not as kinky. I wasted years having sex I didn't enjoy because I was afraid of what my friends would think. Three years ago, at age 26, I discovered that one of the hottest guys I knew was just as kinky as I was. If we had been more open we would've started dating--and tying each other up!--a lot sooner. Now everyone knows we're kinky, no one cares, and some of our hottest friends have come over to get tied up and see what the fuss is about!

Our Second Bedroom Is A Dungeon

P.S. And being kinky doesn't mean you can't find love! I did!


Tell your friends you're gay. I never lost a friend because I was gay, but I did hurt a few of my closest friends by keeping it a secret from them. Not only do you need their support, they need to feel that you trust them.



STAY AWAY FROM OLDER GUYS. No matter how lonely you feel, how horny you get, or how hot they make you feel. It's not hot, it's not a compliment. You're not mature and sophisticated. If you're 15 and they're over 20, they are just fucked up.

Former Jailbait


My advice for 15-year-old gay boys: Make friends with gay men of all ages. You can learn a lot from guys who've lived a bit, whether it's about sex, relationships, cooking, motorcycles, or decorating your apartment. And unless you ask, the answer is already "no."

Seasoned And Generously Experienced


If you're 15 and questioning, save yourself some angst and don't rule out "bi" and "none of the above" as options. I drove myself crazy going back and forth between, "I can't be gay because I think girls are totally hot," and, "But if I'm straight, why do I want to make out with that guy?"

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