O Holy Fools

"God is the silence into which we talk": A conversation with a modern mystic

CP: On a day-to-day basis, when you pick up the paper, when you see what's going on, when you see how the current administration and media are co-opting--if that's the right word--god, what is your reaction?

Lofy: I think that you're right that they co-opt it. [Existential psychologist] Rollo May talked about the [co-option] of language in society as the first sign of a declining civilization. You can't even use the word "fuck" now, and, you know, fucking is good. But now it's become a violent thing. And love has become a law, and god has become co-opted.

I was a Jesuit, so I was trained a lot in the gospel. I sometimes revert to that. When Jesus cried over Jerusalem, he said, "How often would I have gathered you under my wing, but you would not." And this is the journey of all those who go against the machine. To me, the most important thing Jesus ever said was when he said to the religious leaders of his time, "If you knew you were blind, you would have no sin. It's because you say, 'We see,' that you are sinning."

James O'Brien

When people are spiritually blind, what can you do? My reaction is to pray for them. When you've got people appropriating language and god, as if they know what god wants, and [thinking] that they have permission to kill the infidels because they know, my reaction is to shake my head, take a walk around Lake Harriet, listen to Pachelbel, do a seminar, and try to light a candle in the world.

Next week: Chuck Lofy on chaos, awe, and why beauty is the highest form of consciousness. For seminar information, contact him at lofyassoc@worldnet.att.net.

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