25 Reasons...

...the scene is now


The Gleam
Ready for Heaven

Mark Duston

So how'd you like the Gleam show? "Well, they were...drunk." Yeah, but did you like them? "They were drunk." Did you hear their songs? "They were drunk." Okay, but what about when Zach yowled, "I'm ready for heaven," like a cat caught in a combine? "They were drunk." Sigh.


Busy Signals
The New You

Nobody buys it. You're just the same ol' same ol', and you keep repeating yourself, and no one cares about your new thing. Then again, when you write ditties with as much new-wave smarts as this one, you reinvent everything.


The Mammy Nuns
The Bob Song

Like "Alex Chilton" and "Big Star Big" before it comes this ode to Minnesota favorite sons Robert (Dylan, Stinson, Dunlap, Mould), and winds up being a tipsy toast to the land o' music-polluted waters.


Melodious Owl

Never mind the Bobs, here's super-powered sexy teen synth-rock for all ages.

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