Dig If You Will The Picture

Filmmaker Agnès Varda reads a lot into her work

Grin and bear it: Ydessa Hendeles in 'Cinévardaphoto'
Grin and bear it: Ydessa Hendeles in 'Cinévardaphoto'

Cinévardaphoto, then, finally celebrates not picture-taking or moviemaking so much as the erotics of interpretation. What Varda finds hot is reading--or maybe, as we say, "reading into." We as spectators imprint our own griefs, obsessions, and neurotic twitches into material where they didn't previously exist. Could this be why Varda is a critics' favorite--because she so valorizes turning the object under scrutiny into an object of desire? I don't know if I agree with any of her takes on Cinévardaphoto's photos. What matters is that she turns the process of looking into a carnal idyll.

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