What the hell does the Walker addition look like?

A City Pages contest

The Walker Art Center reopens on April 16 with a silvery, hulking facade that ominously oversees rush hour along Hennepin Avenue. While the addition has been lauded by art critics locally and nationally, we want to know your opinion. Does it resemble a giant robot monkey head? A salt lick for Paul Bunyan's never-discussed pet deer Abercrombie? An abandoned Borg cube with a 1980s glam sensibility?

Grab pen and paper, brush and canvas, or hand to mouse and show us what the Walker addition looks like to you. Use the stylish line drawing above as a starting-off point for your creation, or simply wing it!

Grand Prize will be dinner for the artist and a friend at a fine local eatery.

E-mail your PDF or EPS file to contest@citypages.com, or mail your 8.5" x 11" or smaller 2-D artwork to Giant Robot Monkey Head Contest, c/o City Pages, 401 Third St. N., #550, Mineapolis, MN 55401. Contest ends April 27, 2005; the winner and other notable entries will be revealed at citypages.com on Wednesday, May 4. City Pages cannot return any artwork because that sounds too hard.

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