Stupid Little Club

What song do you play to end a 10-year gig?

And so on. Of course, the Turf's calendar will remain intact--as the message gleaming from the florescent blackboard reminded us: "M. Ward, April 22." Holding down the scheduling duties now is longtime Turf booker Dave Ricker. And, perhaps intoxicated by all the good vibes near the end of Tuesday night, Leah left the door open for the possibility of the Rules playing a larger role in the club's future. (She added, though, "It would take a miracle at this point.")

One thing is certain: Tuesday was the last time Rob Rule's 21-year-old band the Mammy Nuns will play SPMC Tuesdays at the Turf. With Rule sporting a black derby and an undertaker's suit, the Mammies tore through a set of originals that included "Three Chord Song," "My Favorite Bobs," (Dylan, Stinson, Dunlap, Mould, and "my favorite Bob of All--my dad"), and their ode to artistic futility, "Stupid Little Band."

The night ended well after 2:00 a.m., with people milling about and refusing to leave. The bouncers weren't keen to kick anybody out, and none of the regulars were ready to go home. Perhaps all were savoring the Mammy's last set, which featured covers sung by guest singers, and taking to heart what Rule told the crowd at the end of the first set: "Thanks everyone. We love this place. We love you guys. This is the way we'll remember it."

The Mammy Nuns
Eric Kassel
The Mammy Nuns

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