Two Diaries from South by Southwest #19, Part Two

What's the Only Industry That Holds Its Trade Show Around a Keg?


Red Eyed Fly, 9:00 p.m.
Tonight is the last night in Austin for most SXSW tourists. Eyes droop involuntarily and a ringing in the ears is inescapable. It takes a special band to entertain a pack of zombies. Portland's Menomena accept the challenge with collage rock and more live instruments than three guys should be able to handle. Keyboardist/guitarist/percussionist Brent Knopf seems to enjoy the set as much as the fans who yell "Thank you!" after every song. One minute he's flashing a quirky smile as if to say Where's that organ coming from? and the next he's letting his eyes roll back, lost in a transcendent moment. As if to agree, a girl behind me fills a dramatic mid-song pause with an orgasmic gasp. One last band has had their way with us. Let's call it a night.

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