Two Diaries from South by Southwest #19, Part One

What's the Only Industry That Holds Its Trade Show Around a Keg?

On the final night, I make it to exactly zero festival-sponsored shows. I do catch a charmingly named punk-oriented anti-SXSW showcase, Fuck by Fuck You, held outside of an art gallery next to some train tracks. Appropriately, I can't bring myself to give a fuck about any of the bands, but the visual art is compelling. A giant unframed canvas of demonic children shares space with a sculpture of found objects covered with a sticky-looking whitish substance. I'm sure it's some sort of glue.

At the Vice Records party I unintentionally catch energetic Brits Bloc Party (see CD review, p. 51) for the third time in four days, which I fear makes me a Blochead. Sorry about that. I must need to go home.

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