Savage Love


My favorite movie musical song is the Jane Russell number in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" which goes something like this: "I like big muscles and red corpuscles, I like a beautiful hunk of man." Problem is I don't seem to attract muscle men myself. Obviously it's a big fantasy, but can this fantasy come true? Try as I might, I can't seem to get to first base, let alone up to bat. Do you think this can ever happen?

Alone In Albany


Sure it can happen, AIA, if you're willing to pay to play. Gym memberships, protein supplements, and steroids are all expensive, and there are lots of body builders out there who help make ends meet by renting themselves to guys like you.

"It's a big fantasy for a lot a lot people," says Trey Rexx, a great big hunk of an escort who lives and works in Salt Lake City--yes, the one in Utah. (You can check out Trey at "Some people make a big deal about 'not wanting to pay for it,' but what I tell people is that you wind up paying for it somehow. Even if it's just a dinner date, you're paying for it. Why is it such a big deal to pay to see someone you know to be your physical ideal to fulfill a fantasy?" So does a muscular male escort get a lot of work in a conservative place like Utah? "Definitely," says Trey, "a lot of it is 'straight' men, mostly." It always is, isn't it?

Finally, mail from people who want to praise, bury, or perfect my "drug-support payments" proposal continues to pour in. Should guys who infect others with HIV have to help pay the costs of the drugs the people they infect are going to need to stay alive?

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