Horizontal Hunger

Three of the best lunch options in the Minneapolis skyways prove you can get restaurant quality on the run

As far as I can tell, the idea is just about perfect as is. At least, food-wise, it looks like it's mainly the marketing that needs a little tweaking. Heaven knows, I understand the danger of labeling something "ethnic" in a beer-cheese-soup world, but I think the Good to Go folks should be far more worried that the spot gets pigeonholed as a wrap restaurant, which, by my count, became tragically unhip at least two years ago. (In fact, I walked past Good to Go a few times fearing it was the sort of place that served pressed chicken breast, Thai peanut sauce, and bean sprouts rolled up in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.) I wonder if they could rename the place Sumac Mediterranean Grill and become billionaires on the Chipotle model? (Good To Go has two locations: the first is on the Pillsbury Center Skyway Level, at 200 South Sixth St., Minneapolis, 612.341.4600; the second is on the Towle Building Skyway Level, 330 Second Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.338.8400; www.urgoodtogo.com.)

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