Savage Love

DAN: Wow! It's only your third question, Jill, and you're already punting! Not that there's anything wrong with that; dragging in a guest expert is a time-honored advice columnist trick, pioneered by the late, great Ann Landers (at whose desk I'm typing these words), and it's one I use regularly. Using a guest expert demonstrates two traits all good advice columnists share: 1) a becoming humility (by using a guest expert you're showing your readers that you don't consider yourself the final authority on absolutely everything), and 2) an ability to cash a paycheck even when you didn't do any of the heavy lifting in this week's column. Then like an old pro, Jill, you wind up your response with useful tips of your own, proving to your readers that you're not phoning this one in entirely. Nice job! A+

Well, that went well! I have to admit that I feared it wouldn't--I was worried that auctioning off the chance to co-author a column with me would result in some bat-shit-crazy crank seizing control of the column for a week. But Jill gave such solid advice that some editor out there really ought to give her a column of her very own. (Are you listening, TONY?) In fact, this went so well that I've agreed to auction off the right to co-author a Savage Love column in 2005. (Apparently the dough raked in by auctioning off my column last year wasn't enough to end world hunger.)

If you would like to bid on a chance to co-author a Savage Love, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the link to the anti-hunger charity's auction website. (The auction ends December 17, so don't delay!) Thanks, Jill! And good luck, bidders!

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