This Is The Life

Meet Tanya, a 28-year-old hustler from St. Paul

CP: I bet she was happy about that.

Tanya: [Making a knocking sound] I'm like, I'm not going to answer this door. And everybody is getting annoyed. She's kicking. Let me in, motherfucker! I'm sitting there drinking my Courvoisier. I was thinking, I'm going to rip this door open and whoop her ass. I had to. It was a judgement call. She was running around telling everybody in the building, I ain't gotta pay that little motherfucker.

CP: So, you punched her?

James Dankert

Tanya: She's up in my face. She swings at me and I duck. And I stuck her once in the face.

CP: Do you carry a gun?

Tanya: No. I'm grown now. I'm old.

CP: You don't worry about safety?

Tanya: The way I carry myself. My street credibility still goes on. Even when I meet different men that would normally slap up their women, they treat me with respect because they know. I have certain ties to certain games. Just one phone call and, see ya. Nobody really fucked with me like that. They still don't.

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