Savage Love

So my advice for MAC is this: Learn how to eat pussy and eat it well. Buy books, ask around. Maybe you could practice on a few supportive and open-minded female friends. By the time you show your next girlfriend your dick, she'll already adore you so much she'll be willing to work with you. And if someone is really grossed out or put off by it and won't suck you off, dump the bitch. That's what my boyfriend used to do. Eventually you'll hit pay dirt.

Happy in Madison


I have incredible sympathy for MAC. I'm a transsexual man (formerly a woman), and can identify because I have no dick. I could not fathom entering the dating scene and dealing with vapid people who give two shits about what's between your legs. Luckily, I have a loving, compassionate GF who doesn't care that I don't have a cock. We make do with what we've got, and despite it all we share a strong, understanding love. So my advice for MAC is to keep searching. Someone out there won't be repulsed by his dick and will be willing to put in time and effort and love to get him off. Anyone who runs away is not worth it anyway. Remember that, MAC.

C. J.

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