We Built This City on Rock and Roll

...and other equally valuable varieties of popular music

P.O.S.: Exactly. If I can get past another five years with people still walking up to me, like, "Yo, I like that one song a lot, it's really good." Or people just listening to it, and I have no idea who they are and they have no idea who I am, but they just have the record, and it's become part of their favorite few--favorite 20, favorite 50. That's cool.

Ian: Even if you're walking to some horrible job at SuperAmerica?

P.O.S.: I don't care. Seriously, if people are listening to a record, if people talk about this really great live show--This guy P.O.S. was dope live, but then he stopped rapping, and he sucked, and his last few records were terrible--that's enough for me. I have the shit that I remember, my favorite 50 records, my favorite live shows. I want to do that to somebody.

Daniel Corrigan

Brian: I think a lot of people who play music don't really recognize how lucky they are. I mean, not everybody gets to fucking go up there and get on the mic and do their thing. I think there's a lot of people who don't realize how exceptional that is. I feel lucky every time I get to get onstage.

P.O.S.: You play a show for a few people--four people who know your songs, or 200 people who don't know anything about you at all--either way, you're in a good place. I feel almost more comfortable doing that than just living day to day. I will tell you that I got a Friendster message from a girl who lives in a different state, who said that between my record and Brother Ali's record, she got through a really rough summer. That was pretty cool.

Nick: I had a guy come to one of our shows. He had had a really rough day, a rough month, and he said, This actually put me in a good mood, not even neutralized the bad day, but actually changed the mood.

P.O.S.: If you're making honest music and you find somebody who can relate to your honesty, even if it's a tiny chunk of the population that listens to your music, if they can really relate to it, it makes you want to keep doing it, whether or not you're making money at it or not.

Brian: Maybe we are artists after all.

P.O.S.: Maybe we are artists.

Nick: We're the greatest heroes that have ever lived.

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