Savage Love


You should definitely run a "good, giving, and game" contest, Dan, giving a prize to the best example of a non-kinky partner who really came through for his or her kinky beloved. For proof that you're not just getting mail from people yanking your chain(s), have each couple send in a pair of pics--a normal one and one that contains a reference to Savage Love. If your machine-fucking correspondent wants to send in pictures of her hubby strapped down, she can write "GGG enough for you, Dan?" in lipstick on his ass or something. Also, only the lucky spouses/partners of GGG's should be able to do the nominating. This would not prevent lies, but it would cut down on entries from people who think they're being GGG when they're not. After all, the true test of someone's GGG cred is the satisfaction, even admiration, of his or her grateful partner.

Island Dweller in Portland and No Acronym


A contest! Yes, that will make me feel better. Hmm... pervy pictures. Hmm... pervy stories. Hmm... better get the GGG Awards off the ground before GWB makes being GGG illegal. So here are the rules: Pervs who want to nominate their understanding, indulgent non-pervy GGG partners should send in essays of 500 words or less to Tell us why your GGG mate deserves this award. Please include a non-perv photo (that's mandatory) and, if possible, a perv photo to prove you're actually doing the pervy things you claim to be doing. (The perv photo is optional and it need not be pornographic--I'm looking for the gist, folks, not the jism.) You must also include a phone number. PHOTOS AND PHONE NUMBERS WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL--THEY'RE FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY, THEY WILL NOT BE POSTED ON ANY WEBSITE. I will interview each nominee to make sure that all GGG Award finalists are the genuine articles. (People who can't send in perv photos can expect an intense grilling--an added thrill for cannibal fetishists.) I will select the best examples of GGG heroics and run them in an upcoming column. Savage Love readers will vote on a winner. The grand prize: Three days and two nights in pervy Las Vegas, Nevada! Deadline for entries is December 10, 2004.

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