Prairie Home Theater Invasion

Maybe all I need is a cleaner window on the world

All I needed now was a Bose credit card ("18 months interest-free") and a good chair. I went up to the Sharper Image store, where there were even more toys for guys. Robots. Vacuums that look like robots. Pinball machines. A CD player shaped like a Hummer. A flashlight with the Hummer logo. A clock with the Hummer logo. Flat-screen computers. Nose-hair trimmers that look like laser guns.

In the middle of the store were three recliners. Three twentysomething friends were kicked back in the plush faux leather of their iJoy Turbo 2 Robotic Massage Chairs. Across the way, an elderly couple sat in matching "Human Touch" chairs. Their faces were so still, they looked like they were auditioning for the embalming table.


James O'Brien

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