Walk A Mile In My Headphones

'Tarnation' director Jonathan Caouette makes a mix tape of his life

CP:Why were you so obsessed withJacob's Ladder?

Caouette: That was the first film I saw that was about questioning reality and trying to save yourself from yourself. Plus the aesthetic of the film--the kind of dreamy madness that only a master like Adrian Lyne could produce--blew my mind. I even wrote a screenplay based on the film called Zin Quillagarvonagitch, which was the name of my main character.

CP:InTarnation, you referenceThe Exorcist,Carrie, and theHalloween movies. IsTarnation your own private horror film?

Living reflections of a dream: 'Tarnation' director Jonathan Caouette
Living reflections of a dream: 'Tarnation' director Jonathan Caouette

Caouette: For some reason, people have classified Tarnation as a documentary. You could call it a horror movie infused with love and hope--if such a thing exists.

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