The Voters Speak

CP reporters interviewed early voters around the metro area on Tuesday morning. Hereís what some of them had to say about whatís at stake.

It's simple--the question is jobs. Bush just keeps sending them over to foreign markets. I suppose the draft will take care of that problem. If Bush wins, I'll just keep waiting for the record-long recession to keep going.

Vera Kirby, 75
Lyndale Manor, Minneapolis

I've voted since I was 18, and I never saw anything like it. Bush stole the election! He did! I just hope we get a different president who will be for the people. I worked for Honeywell for 41 years, and I don't have any health benefits. That's okay with this president. And then we go over to Iraq before we're even ready. We had no business going over there, killing our young ones. I vote Democrat all the way, but there's no way this election is going to be good for the poorer classes. It was stolen once, and that's it.


City Pages reporters G.R. Anderson Jr., Paul Demko, Dylan Hicks, Mike Mosedale, Molly Priesmeyer, Britt Robson, Peter S. Scholtes, and Lindsey Thomas contributed to this story.

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