Over the River and Through the Woods

In northeast, the Green Party attempts a long pub crawl to the state house

As is often the case in local campaigns that lack conspicuous ideological contrasts, the 59A race will likely come down to the first principle of politics: Which candidate do the voters know best and like most?

By the easiest barometer of such things--lawn signs--Taylor looks to be in pretty good shape. Currently, he has about 400 signs planted, mostly in the district's less affluent corners. It's an impressive showing, especially considering that most of the homeowner endorsements came as a result of Taylor's door-knocking.

"I don't know if all these people with signs will vote, but if they do, it's going to be a close race," notes Walt Dziedzic, the former City Council member, current park board commissioner, and unofficial mayor of Northeast. But, Dziedzic adds, signs don't vote. He recalls a campaign in the early '60s in which a candidate planted over 2,500 signs in Northeast.

"You know what," Dziedzic laughs. "He only got 200 votes."

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