Kiffmeyer Watch: Party Girl

Is Mary Kiffmeyer's crusade against the state's biggest counties political hackery?

Johnson shares the view that Kiffmeyer's challenge might have invalidated a large number of voter forms. And he's left wondering what her motivation might have been. Was it a ploy to suppress votes? "I don't want to say that. I think she wants to conduct fair elections," Johnson says. "It's a question of competency--there are those questions."

Kiffmeyer has repeatedly said that her goal is a clean election with high voter turnout. But some of her actions could be interpreted otherwise. News stories in recent weeks have begun to suggest a broader Republican strategy to limit Election Day turnout through registration challenges and state bureaucracies. Could Kiffmeyer be part of this?

"If you find out, will you let me know?" Johnson asks, noting that he was one of Kiffmeyer's early supporters and contributors when she first sought office.

"I don't know the internal workings of the secretary of state's office," he continues. "I think she's been getting bad advice. I hope she starts getting better advice."

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