Let's Go Crazy

For a rocker

"Karl's thing gave me some much-needed perspective. His resolve has been something to watch. I think celebrating surviving life means having the fight in you to want to get through seemingly insurmountable situations. It's just something about the human spirit. It's intangible, and something that people have inside of 'em."

Finally, joining us all the way from New York City is Mr. Westerberg, the 44-year-old ex-Replacement and dad who is in the Big Apple at the moment recording some tunes for a film soundtrack. Paulie, the mic is all yours.

"I honestly don't know [how to celebrate surviving life]. I'm doing [the benefit] because I hope someone will do it for me someday. That's how I feel. I have real feelings for Karl, and since my dad died last year, I'm just more [aware of] my mortality. I just know we can all go at any time, and I just wanted to be there for him."

James O'Brien

Thank you, Paul. You're not alone. And thank you, brothers and sisters. Take care of yourselves. Last but not least, Dave Pirner will lead us in a chorus of the Soul Asylum classic "Never Really Been." Please open your hymnals to page 666 and sing, "Hey, ain't it strange/How some things never change/Ain't it strange/How nothing stays the same."


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