An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds talks about her case --and hints at a forthcoming scandal

So we met with the 9/11 Commission in January 2004. We went there and we had meetings with some of the members. And boom, a month later they scheduled me to go out and provide testimony. And also I myself drove certain other witnesses--translators, assets, informants--to their offices to be interviewed. However, lots of these issues were not discussed in the report. They just referred to the IG report. And the IG report, as you know, is highly classified so far.

Later I attended the public hearings that the Commission held, and I worked with the family members and introduced them to other witnesses. Some of them are still working for the Bureau, so I would arrange meetings for them with the family members. They trusted the family members more than the Commission. They knew this Commission would not really put out most of the facts.

CP: Have you had any members of Congress in your corner during this battle?

The Ashcroft  Justice Department retroactively threw a veil of secrecy over Sibel Edmond's claims
Associated Press
The Ashcroft Justice Department retroactively threw a veil of secrecy over Sibel Edmond's claims

Edmonds: So far it has been very disappointing, and not even in a partisan way, which is very surprising. I have gone to so many people, banged on so many doors in the past two and a half years that you would be amazed. The response has not been partisan. I have had certain Republicans who have been very supportive, and I have had certain Democrats who have been supportive, and I have had certain Democrats who have wanted to do absolutely nothing with it. In fact they would say that they don't want to mess with it, because considering the upcoming election, it would hurt the Democrats.

So I haven't seen any partisan attitude about it. Senator Grassley's office, and Senator Grassley himself, have been by far, by far, the most straight to their word, the most consistently supportive person out there. He has defied all these fear reactions that other senators and congressmen have: We don't want to be labeled, we don't want to touch this thing. He has been talking to the press; he has come on various TV news programs and has been plainly outspoken about the issues. His staff and his office have been absolutely valuable. In fact, if it was not for Senator Grassley and Senator Grassley's office, the IG would have not even talked about finishing this report. They demanded that the report and investigation be expedited. They also provided the press with information and confirmation that was necessary to get the story out there. Because what happens, many media outlets will hear your story and think you may be crazy. You may be a liar. You may have an agenda. They want to go somewhere and verify the issues. With Senator Grassley, and to a certain extent with Senator Leahy, they have been very effective and very good. I don't think they've gone all the way, but relatively speaking, they have been the best.


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