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"No one really knows what causes gout," says my doctor friend, Barak Gaster of the University of Washington's Department of Medicine. "The higher that uric acid levels are in the blood, the higher the chance that someone will have gout, but we don't really understand why one person with a slightly high uric acid level gets gout but another with the same slightly elevated uric acid level does not." Doctors believe that there must be some genetic factor because gout is much more common in men than women, MOUSE, so you may not be entirely to blame. It's possible that your boyfriend would have developed gout even if he wasn't drinking your stanky piss. Still, all that piss couldn't have helped. "People who have had a gout attack can reduce their chances of future attacks by lowering their uric acid levels," says Barak, "by taking medications and avoiding triggers." Such as? "Common triggers are alcohol and dehydration or eating large quantities of meat such as liver." And? "Drinking large amounts of urine also could bring on an attack. Since urine is made up of stuff the body wants to get rid of, drinking very large quantities could be bad for you and should definitely be avoided in people who have gout."


What the hell happened to santorum? I have been anxiously awaiting updates to but the last letters were posted in June! Please don't forget about us santorum lovers, Dan! We miss the frothy mix!



I've been lax about updating, Allie, because it was just too much work for little ol' me. Still, with the actual Santorum--Senator Rick, not that frothy mix--gearing up to run for Senate Majority Whip (and inspiring all the obvious double entendres), perhaps it's time to get the site going again. But you know what I need, people? I need help! If there's someone out there who's web savvy, hates Santorum as much as I do, and wants to take charge of the site, I would love to hear from you.

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