Savage Love

I was thinking about taking out an ad in the personals. Two problems: If I mention my mild fetish in my ad, I might come off sounding like a weird foot guy. If I don't mention it, I might meet a great girl who hates having her feet rubbed. I can't just erase this fantasy in my head. A breast guy couldn't date a flat-chested girl, nor could a girl who loves a man with a thick head of hair date a bald guy. Am I horrible for judging a potential girlfriend on the basis of whether or not she likes foot massages?

Foot-Massage Freak


Of course not, FMF. If you can't judge your lovers by their willingness to meet your sexual needs, what fucking standard can you judge them by? And as fetishes go, a thing for being ordered to massage a woman's feet hardly registers on the freak-o-meter at all. Continue to be upfront and honest, FMF, and sooner or later you'll meet a woman who's either GGG on the compulsory foot-massage issue, or actually enjoys having her feet rubbed.

And just in case WMH's husband is still reading this, I'd like to point out that FMF has assholes like you to thank for the difficult time he's been having. No doubt some of the women FMF shared his fetish with have heard horror stories from women like WMH, i.e., women who indulged kinky boyfriends or husbands and watched them turn into monsters. Some of the women FMF shared his fetish with may worry that, like your wife, they may find themselves sliding down a slippery slope if they order him to massage their feet. Again, it's selfish fetishists like you who ruin it for everybody. I hope you can sleep at night.

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