Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys

'Outfoxed' and 'Uncovered' point a familiar finger at evildoers

Outfoxed's would-be upbeat finale, in which we're all exhorted to poke our pitchforks at Michael Powell's FCC, feels unconvincing even to the filmmakers; the effectiveness of the movie lies in its comic rendering of our collective cranial microchip insertion. Outfoxed ends up as a portrait of Manchurian candidates willfully self-benumbed in between Price Club commercials.

Prop man: Colin Powell in 'Uncovered: The War on Iraq'
Cinema Libre
Prop man: Colin Powell in 'Uncovered: The War on Iraq'

It's a marvelous thing that Greenwald's (partly self-financed) documentaries are getting big play first via internet sales and then theatrical distribution--a confounding water-into-wine trick. But rather than watch three hours that'll raise your blood pressure in familiar ways, go to, sign up to dial some undecided voters, and do your part to create an era in which we'll watch deeply outraged movies about Kerry's super-sneaky drift to the right in revising the tax code--movies, in other words, about problems we should only be so lucky to have.

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