Bad Reputation

Kindergarten will never be the same again

Maybe my son is right. Maybe this is a dumb idea for a column. What I told him is that sometimes you write about something that's close to your heart, a blessing you're trying to count, and if you do it well enough, maybe it will make people think about what's close to their hearts, and that's the most you can hope for. If he'd stuck around long enough, I would have also told him that you can't really care what anybody thinks about what you do, and that you don't write because people will think it's dumb or smart; sometimes you write because you need to be close to, or restore your faith in, something beautiful and true.

Besides, I had to write about her today. It's my responsibility as a journalist. I am sworn to report that last Wednesday around midday, a great clang filled the city. Local history tells us that the clang was merely a test of the emergency weather sirens, but canny citizens now know there is no coincidence: She started kindergarten last week.


James O'Brien

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