Attitude Adjustment

Work harder! Earn less! Learn to love it!

This makes me think of Lenny, and the fat lot of good his prestigious Ph.D. has done him. I invite him out for coffee to find out what he got out of the event. It was worthwhile, he says: "There are kernels of truth within the bullshit. And it doesn't really hurt to be reminded of them."

He ticks them off. "Be yourself, do what you're good at, pursue your goals, act with integrity. I know all that stuff, but I forget it, and it's helpful to hear it."

But has it changed the way he's looking for work, I ask? He's more aware that everyone he encounters right now is a potential job referral, but outside of that, not really.

We natter for a while about the job market, and how hard but important it is to stay up when you have to sell yourself, but Lenny's heart isn't in the discussion. He's just had bad luck, he keeps repeating. Bad luck.

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