Blaxploitation Lost In Translation

Should 'King Arthur' be renamed 'Antoine Fuqua's Baadasssss Song'?

Fatalistic and romantic, King Arthur might well be the most stirring attack on American foreign policy from a major studio since Alex Cox's career-ending Walker in 1988. Could Fuqua's blackness have had anything to do with why the movie was summarily shunted aside? (Just imagine the "maturity" with which the auteur of A Beautiful Mind would have been credited if he had made this film instead of Fuqua.) Is it any surprise that the ink-stained wretches who throb with pleasure at Spider-Man 2 have missed the more...mature entertainment of King Arthur?

Not really. Still, the idealist-naif gland in my brain can't help echoing the whine of Michael Campus. Awwww, maaaaan! I expected more than that.

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