Eyes Wide Open

Let us now praise nameless peaceniks and hippies

What they will do is get over their political differences and aversions, and gather because they have been called names by the powers that be that amount to fighting words. They will be drawn by a spirit I learned from a woman who has more guts than any of her nation's leaders, so much so that when she was raising a family in the '60s, she put a "White Racism Must Go" sign in the front yard that elicited a few threatening calls from the neighbors. I call her one thing: Mom.

For her and the rest of us, I wonder what all-inclusive moniker we can fly under? I've been working on it, and the only thing I can come up with is people, of which Quinion writes, "There is evidence from Chaucer onwards that some writers chose to use people as a plural for person, not only in the generalized sense of 'an uncountable or indistinct mass of individuals' but also in specific countable cases."


James O'Brien

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