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The new 'Stepford Wives' has a gay ol' time in the gated community

Some people may be disappointed that the new Stepford Wives refuses all the darkness, danger, and bitter social critique of the original. But to me, it's a sign of respect. Let the first movie stand on its own, it seems to say. Let that movie be the heavy hitter. You can't be bitter forever. (Like I said, it's so Will and Grace. So 2004.) But it also suggests that female liberation and subjugation are much more complicated than people once thought. Freedom is an inside job as much as an outside one.

Mostly Martha: Nicole Kidman in 'The Stepford Wives'
Paramount Pictures
Mostly Martha: Nicole Kidman in 'The Stepford Wives'

And you know, pinecones really do have a remarkable range of uses.

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