Stupid Little World, Stupid Little Band

In which a song makes me feel mighty real

James O'Brien

In the last couple of weeks, I've read several music reviews that conclude, "In a just world, [artist's name] would be [huge/top of the charts/doing great business]." It's an old critical device, but the affirmation that we are living in an unjust world may be more resonant than ever, since songs like "Stupid Little Band" have about as much chance of being heard by the masses as you and I do of changing the unjustness. Then again, I heard it, and you heard about it, and for the moment, anyway, that gives me enough hope to keep humming along with the stupid little crowd:

We're all part of the stupid human race
But that's just it
It's really not a race
The way our leaders lead
Is a disgrace
But what do we know?
We're just a stupid little band
Playing a stupid little stage
To a stupid little crowd
In a stupid little bar...
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