Take Me Out

Two hundred years of history as experienced in Minnesota's bars and restaurants

Authors Kathryn Strand Koutsky, Linda Koutsky, and Eleanor Ostman bring their individual passions, talents, and experience to these pages. Kathryn, an award-winning designer, was much involved in the transformation of the old Munsingwear factory into International Market Square; her antique postcards and menus appear throughout these pages. Linda, a graphic designer and production manager at Coffee House Press, is author of the Skyway News column "The Lunchtime Tourist." And Eleanor Ostman, author of Always on Sundays, was a food writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 30 years and now leads gourmet travel tours for food journalists. She researched and created the book's recipes.

Having read through all these eras, I think I better appreciate our restaurant scene today. Take Reds, that bold pulsing place with its ultra-svelte bar and long caviar menu. Or the (new) Dakota, where Judith Johnson (bless her) can croon all night long. Or Lucia's, an island of sanity and charm in the midst of today's bad news. With a bit of nostalgia, a smattering of relief, and unbridled enthusiasm, I can say, Take me out!

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