Real Life Rock Top 10

Lou Reed struts like Brando; a NASCAR Nazi salute; and voting isn't just for old people

This day in San Francisco, Hopps, now curator of the Menil Collection in Houston, remembered a night at the Fillmore Auditorium in the late 1950s, when he and DeFeo had gone to see Count Basie: DeFeo loved his "Hello Central, Give Me Doctor Jazz." DeFeo was dancing alone in front of the stage; when the band took a break, Basie motioned her over. She came back to Hopps: "He wants me to go backstage!" She went. When the band returned, DeFeo reappeared, blushing. "Well, what on earth went on?" Hopps asked. "He asked me to go away with him," DeFeo said. "What did you say?" "I told him there's this big painting I have to finish."


9) Joe Rathbone, I Can Hear the Windows of Your Heart Breaking (Zakz) First winner of the Rod McKuen Prize for Gross Metaphorical Elaborationism. And the music sounds just like the title.


10) Oliver Hall writes in: "L.A. is having one of its occult fits of meaning again. Driving back from the polling place this afternoon in the lower-middle-class neighborhood where I've lived for the last 14 years, I found a street I'd never seen before: Barbara Ann Street. It only seems to go about a block, and there was nothing on it but an abandoned couch, a torn-up Camaro, and something covered in a blue tarp."

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