How To Wear A Blood Goatee

A week of pummeling pop with The Walkmen, Broken Social Scene, and Walker Kong


Synth city: Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene
Nathan Grumdahl
Synth city: Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Dios, Dios (StarTime) If there really is a Coney Island of the mind, then there's also a California suburb of the ears--a teenage drawl that whispers to you from Beach Boys albums and Chevy Coupe motors. Go ahead, have a good time, but when the sun is down and your time is up, all of this will turn to sand. Tangled up in prom nights past and under-the-boardwalk memories, Dios's self-titled album washes over you like strains from an AM radio captured in a seashell's inner static. Summertime birdcalls punctuate the pop gem "Starting Five," while the Lennonist melancholy of "Meeting People" obscures its own melody with snickering tape-fuzz feedback. Yet it's the album opener, "Nobody's Perfect"--sneaking in barefoot somewhere between "May This Be Love" and "Hotel California"--that best represents this coastal opus. Languorous and tender, it sounds like the car stereo played during a first-time make-out session, hanging onto the last four chords before mom expects you back home.

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