Real Life Rock Top 10

American musical taste gets bland; Robert McNamara gets angry; the President gets naked

"What he has done," he said to the audience, "is extract those lessons from this book. The lessons are in there...I put them forward not because of Vietnam, but because of the future!" He turned to Danner: "You want me to apply them to Bush. I'm not going to do it." He turned back to the audience, full of people who decades ago fought him with everything they had. "YOU APPLY THEM TO BUSH."


10) New York Times, "Music Albums Chart, Billboard/Soundscan, February 9 through 15" (Feb. 23) #1 Norah Jones, #2 Kenny Chesney, #5 Josh Groban, #6 Harry Connick Jr., #7 Evanescence, #10, 2004 Grammy Nominees compilation--it's probably pointless to read anything into this sudden domination of comfort, balm, reassurance, and acceptance at the start of an election year. At least I hope it is.

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