It's Not Miller Time

Who's in the mood to watch Mussolini debate Eugene Debs on 'The View'?

As Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler would say, this is your cable discourse. A nightly display of nationalism, pseudo-intellectual justifications for all manner of violence, and personalities and egos run amok. Miller fits in beautifully, and given that before him CNBC was airing stuff like "Bay-Window-Measuring with Art Howe," Miller's show should be around for awhile.

And yet, evil is seen, heard, and spoken here
And yet, evil is seen, heard, and spoken here

One positive note--I like Ellie the chimp. A perfect co-host to Miller. Here we have a political animal that farts in Miller's face. That one gesture tells me that Ellie understands the environment she's working in. On a show filled with screeching humans, it's the primate who gets the joke.

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