Can You Get That To Suck A Little More?

Britain's Forced Entertainment attempts the six-hour play and the worst show in the world

"There's a very famous interviewer in the U.K. called Michael Parkinson," explains Etchells. "He did an interview with this guy Rod Hull, who had an emu puppet. Hull was basically a kids' entertainer, but he kind of grew into something else. The emu thing was very naughty. It liked to kind of pick stuff up, and it was quite violent; it would attack people. And he attacked Parkinson so much that it was clearly annoying him. The emu knocked him off his chair, and they were rolling on the floor. You could see Parkinson thinking, 'I really don't like this, this is really unpleasant,' wanting to hit the guy. But it was all done under the guise of this puppet, so he was kind of stuck."

Pin the tail on the jackass: Forced Entertainment
Hugo Glendinning
Pin the tail on the jackass: Forced Entertainment

So riddle me this: What are the chances next February that we'll see an antisocial emu go after a bare-assed Eminem on the 50-yard line of Jacksonville's ALLTEL Stadium?

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