Pirates of the Mississippi

Yo Ho Ho and 70 Watts: Four Years After Broadcasting From a Tree Limb Down by the River, Local Radio Renegades Keep on Marauding

It'd be a shame if such were the case. Pirate radio is more fun than corporate radio; it's real people fucking up in amusing ways, and playing more different kinds of music in the course of a week than Clear Channel offers in a year. Where else on the dial could a person possibly find the likes of the bizarre Thirties children's song T is back-announcing. "That was 'The Laughing Policeman,' by Charles Primrose," he declares. "It's off a compilation that I downloaded."

By the time the RIAA catches on, Free Radio Twin Cities and their entire operation may have moved into that abandoned milk truck parked down the street from you, or taken up residence in that falling-down tool shed in your neighbor's backyard.

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