The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The Best Albums in the World Ever!! Okay, Maybe Just in This Town, Circa 2003


Honorable mentions: Atmosphere, Seven's Travels (Rhymesayers/Epitaph); Big Ditch Road, Ring (Eclectone); Haley Bonar, The Size of Planets (Chairkickers' Union); Bridge Club, Commander Mandible (Skull Catapult); Grandpaboy, Dead Man Shake (Anti); Mike Gunther, Every Dream That's Dropped and Died (Heart of a Champion); Kentucky Gag Order, Monarques, My Imaginary Move (Schedule Two), Old Fashioned Sass for the Peacock and the Voyeur (Angry Seed); The King of France, Salad Days (Egret Records); Party of One, Caught the Blast (FatCat); Revolver Modèle, Revolver (self-released); The Soviettes, The Soviettes LP (Adeline); Various Artists, Iron Country (Spinout).

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