Local Music Yearbook '03

We Sang. We Danced. We Set things on Fire. And Sometime after the Bar Closed, We Wrote It All Down for You.



Having played everyone else's club, Orquesta Sabor Tropical singer Maya Lopez-Santamaria decides to open her own. Located on East Lake Street where Vannandy's used to be, El Nuevo Rodeo Night Club and Restaurante kicks off big by booking salsa star Kevin Ceballo for a "special Puerto Rican party night." El Nuevo Rodeo distinguishes itself among Latino clubs by sending out press releases (partly) in English.

Dave Anderson, blues-loving founder of Famous Dave's barbeque chain, is confirmed by the U.S. Senate to head the Bureau of Indian Affairs--a perfect choice. Having lost track of billions of dollars in Indian trust money, the BIA is in as ill repair as the blues themselves. No word yet whether Anderson adopts Johnny Winter's "Don't Take Advantage of Me" as his theme song.

Chris Dorn, lead singer of pop outfit the Beatifics, rents out the Turf Club for his birthday. Musicians from other local bands celebrate by playing impromptu covers onstage. When Beatifics drummer Sean Hoffman sings Van Morrison's "Gloria," he forgets the lyrics, instead improvising a story about lubricated condoms and "your mom." Later, he is punished by the tambourine player, who finds the perfect place to repeatedly land her instrument--his ass. Patrons raise their glasses to Dornfest 2003. Bartenders hope they'll leave the bar before 2004.


Thanks to all the contributors: Meg Bratsch, Cecile Cloutier, Jen Gehlhar, Chris Godsey, Sonia Grover, Lars J. Larson, Jamie Laurie, Melissa Maerz, Christian McShane, Kelly O'Brien, Richard Paske, Jake Rudh, Peter S. Scholtes, Kate Silver, Anders Smith Lindall, Charles Terhark, Lindsey Thomas

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