The Year in Theater

Last year my boss sent me to sit in a dark room for 150 nights. Here's what I took away from the ordeal.

Some say comedy is tragedy plus time. Well, for Joe and me, in that moment, comedy was terror plus adrenaline minus any sense of self-preservation. We moved toward the Ghoul and he instantly adopted a semi-crouched position, shaking his head "no." We were within arm's reach of him and I saw the whites of his eyes under his mask and for some reason this was the tiny detail that really freaked me out. But just as we were about to grab him, the Ghoul dashed back onstage. Joe and I jumped onstage after him and, suddenly, standing there in the stage lights in front of a completely baffled audience, the intruder seemed far more absurd than menacing.

We took him by the arms and led him offstage and out of the theater. Although we never unmasked our Ghoul or discovered his motives, I couldn't help but imagine him cursing us as we dragged him away, "And I would have got away with it too if it weren't for you meddling Scrimshaws!"

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