Sex, Lies, and Audiotape

Har Mar Superstar and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. go on record about french-kissing fans and cock-blocking Beck

Har Mar: No, because I'm frumpy.

Karen: Because you like to define yourself by how you differ from other people as opposed to how you fit in with other people?

Har Mar: Yeah, I'd say that. I went to art school, man. You went to art school, too, right?

Karen: Actually, that brings me to my next question. In high school, did you specialize in anything in particular?

Har Mar: Yeah, you're about to rip me up. Theater.

Karen: [laughs uncontrollably]

Har Mar: Anyone reading this knows I was a drama geek.

Karen: It doesn't make it any less funny. Here's a question: Who would you consider to be the paradigm of a Har Mar Superstar fan?

Har Mar: It's not one particular age group or type of person. It's normally people who like to party and kind of get wild and go out and get wasted and dance. Good-times party people who like to show me off to their friends. There are people who seek me out on their own, and then they bring back a whole slew of people the next time. And then I become their little joke or their good-times party record, which I'm into.

Karen: Okay, I'm going to interrupt you. What is the ratio of male-to-female fans that you have?

Har Mar: It's been pretty even. I tend to meet more of the girl fans. Dudes like the confidence, and the girls like to get wild. The girls come first and the dudes just like to follow them there. Which is how it should work.

Karen: Why do you think that is?

Har Mar: Because dudes just want to lay the girls, and the girls just want to party.

Karen: But how does that relate to you?

Har Mar: I don't know. Probably just because I'm really easy. Most girls know that if I come to the show that I'll probably end up making out with most of them.

Karen: Do you think you're a good kisser?

Har Mar: I think I'm an awesome kisser. Do you think I'm a good kisser?

Karen: I don't know. I've never kissed you.

Har Mar: I know, but do you think I would be a good kisser?

Karen: I'd assume you were well versed in the art of kissing.

Har Mar: You have a lot of girl fans who idolize you, but in a way that they kind of take your style and make it their own. How does that make you feel?

Karen: There was this show recently in Hamburg, Germany, where it was like 120 degrees inside the club, because it was the middle of summer and there was no air conditioning. It was torrid heat, right? And I was just like, fuck it. I'm going to make this show as aerobic as possible, because it was like a sauna.

What happened was I kind of leaned back over the monitors. And this girl grabbed my hair and fucking stuck her tongue down my fucking throat. I was pretty helpless because I was in an awkward body position. I've never felt so violated onstage before. And the thing is, the rest of the show I was, like, giving her winks and shit to pretend I was all cool with it.

Har Mar: Yeah, you kind of have to.

Karen: Like, "Remember that time you stuck your tongue down my throat?" But really, I was in a world of pain.

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