Learning to Fly

The Wolves' shaky start is nothing to fret about. Yet, anyway.

I still think this is easily the most talented Wolves squad in franchise history, one that will advance in the playoffs for the first time. There is a wealth of good things going on this year, including:

  • the improvement of Gary Trent
  • the tenacious D, judicious shot selection, and quiet leadership of Sprewell
  • the depth provided by Madsen, Trenton Hassell, and Fred Hoiberg
  • Cassell's flashes of savvy and marksmanship
  • KG's continued all-around excellence

Or just consider this. Even without Hudson and Szczerbiak, the team has three players who command a double-team when they have the ball in scoring position. The sky isn't falling; it's just a little cloudy.

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