Return to Sender

The justice department fights to deport a Somali refugee

Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, says that one of the deportees was killed in Mogadishu. He claims that anyone returning to Somalia from the U.S. is assumed to be either wealthy or an American spy, designations that all but guarantee danger, if not death. "Either way he's cooked," Jamal notes.

Perhaps the Supreme Court can untangle the legal mess. Jama has until November 6 to request that the high court hear his case, but by that time he may well be back in Somalia. According to Garnett McKenzie, her client is uncertain if he wants to continue pursuing the matter and face the prospect of further time behind bars. "He's frustrated; he's tired; he is confused," she says, "He's deathly afraid to return to Somalia, but he's seriously considering doing that given what he's facing now."

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