Unstuffing the Ballot Box

Key St. Paul City Council races enter the home stretch

Informed of Thune's enthusiasm for wind energy, Dickinson laughs, then notes that the Nelson campaign has also expressed interest in exploring the issue. "I believe Christine Nelson is extremely smart and articulate. I am told by her supporters that she is a good committed liberal," Dickinson says. "But at candidate forums, she is either very cautious in the way she speaks or she is trying to hedge her bets." Dickinson is also bothered by the tens of thousands of dollars the Chamber has raised for Nelson, whose primary war chest also included a $50 check from right-wing Republican and former gubernatorial candidate Brian Sullivan.

Eventually, Dickinson allows that she may "write an op-ed right before the November election and say everyone has to make up their minds for themselves, but this is where I am going and here's why." Translation: Dickinson will probably endorse Thune, but she's going to extend the courting process in order to further the cause of wind power and other issues that were part of her campaign. --Britt Robson

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