Day-Scare Dropouts

Sometimes the right man for the job is a child

No one knows for sure how many families will be boo-hooing when the new childcare co-payments start this week--especially after the Democrat Party spent the legislative session foot-dragging and obfuscating in order to boost their per-diem payments. Let's say, using liberal estimates, that there are 25 families across the state who may be a few dollars short on their childcare bill after raiding the change jar. What if each family allowed its least academically minded child to work just 15 hours a week at $4 an hour. By my math, that small amount of labor adds up to big financial gain: $240 a month. That's more than enough to cover any alleged co-pay increases. With that much money coming in, some working mothers might even think about quitting their jobs and staying home with the kids.

Now a few readers are going to say that the groundswell of economists and state legislators who support this labor movement don't care what becomes of our children. To them I offer a little story about a kid I knew from Indiana who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. This boy grew up on a small family farm that was filled with trees to fell and logs to clear and grubs to scrape off the crops. His father was a carpenter; his mother died young. By the time he was a teenager, this boy had learned enough about the value of a dollar to make his own trading trip to New Orleans. Did he scrimp on his lessons sometimes when responsibilities demanded it? Yes, he did. But when he grew up he became first an enlisted soldier and then a well-respected corporate attorney.

This kid I'm talking about was named Abraham Lincoln, and I think you'll agree that he turned out just fine.

Dorothea Lange


You may be wondering why this page hasn't been filled with the socialist scaremongering and self-righteous grandstanding that regular readers of this paper are so familiar with. You know, the kind of guilty, guilty, guilty prose that can only be heard these days in parts of Old Europe and Laos.

Believe it or not, after decades of touting the same exhausted party line and pretending that Dukakis is still president, the publishers of this shopper are ready to try something crazy. They've decided to respect the intelligence of the new majority of readers who appreciate diversity--the diversity of common-sense thinking and writing. Let them know that you appreciate it and that you want more! And kindly copy those messages--and your other insights about our state's new political consensus--to

And to the rest of you unreconstructed Humphreyites and Stalinists: There's plenty of room for you here on the winning team!

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