What's in a Number?

Stat love and baseball love

I couldn't do it, of course. I had the game on as I was driving around town in the car, so I had the uncomfortable pleasure of hearing Denny Hocking make Gardenhire look like a genius. And Mohr and Prince didn't do anything to make the manager look foolish either. Prince picked up a hit, and Mohr chipped in a single, a walk, and a run scored. But Hocking, in case you weren't paying attention, went 3-4 with a home run, triple, walk, three runs, and an RBI, a career game worthy of Phil Roof, dammit all to hell, and a much-needed slump breaker for the club, as the Twins won 8-3. I have no choice but to tip my hat, and now I'll have Denny Hocking's baseball card rattling around in my bicycle spokes for the rest of the summer.



I do love stats, though. And if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, or if you just have some pressing, inexplicable need for a more regular fix of baseball notes, rants, analysis, arcana, and just plain foolishness, please check out Yard: The Blog, via tcb.citypages.com, where I'll be posting regular updates throughout the summer.

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