Don't These Designer Jeans Make My Ass Look Great?

Are women ready for Minnesota guys who spend $5,000 a year on boutique clothing--and aren't ashamed to talk about it?

Isaac, a 29-year-old whom I meet at Cosmos, is wearing what he calls "not a jacket jacket--more like an overshirt" with beige boot-cut slacks. He claims to spend around $3,000 a year, and is one of many to lead off by telling me that he shops exclusively outside of Minneapolis. (It's de rigueur to have at least one item from New York, or LA, or somewhere else.) "I actually do all my shopping in Montreal and Toronto," he states matter-of-factly. "Minneapolis is getting better, but I don't think we'll ever catch up. It helps that there are some cooler places to go downtown.

"But are men dressed better? Not really. There was somebody in here earlier with a really tight lycra shirt and pinstriped '20s-style gangster pants. Just awful. I hope he's not with you."

Crystal Baall

Pinstripes? Tsst. That's so six months ago.

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