Karlen's Karma

An oral history of a single drink at ice cream haven Sebastian Joe's

"Then they spent a month coming up with a name and ingredients that matched my personality. I still have the very first one they made, the glass from it. I have it on a shelf between my check signed by Meyer Lansky in 1938 and my 1955 Topp's Sandy Koufax rookie card.

"It's a pathetic statement about my personal life, but I feel like it's the greatest achievement of my personal life. I basically spent my thirties in Sebastian Joe's, and that's why I'm a panicking a little lately. In there, I was living in a little toy-train-set world, and now I'm at this age where to be a single Minnesotan you should go be up on a platform in a sideshow, because that would be an appropriate place for you in your freakish state.

"Anyway, I may be living under the Washington Avenue Bridge one day in an old refrigerator box, but if my coffee is up there I'll have been somebody. Sometimes I hear stories about who it's named after, that it was some reporter who was friends of the family, and was killed during the Cuban Revolution.

Allen Beaulieu

Location Info


Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream Cafe

1007 W. Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Category: Restaurant > Cafe

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street

"I go in there two or three times a week just to make sure they haven't taken it down. Sometimes I'm there and people order it, and it's the greatest highlight of my life."

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