Cops Like Us

Critics fear the MPD's latest spin on community mediation is all about window-dressing--and grooming snitches

(Arradondo and Metoyer both insist no one from the community will be paid for participating.)

One of the conditions of Council Member Zerby's postponed resolution was that mediation "shall not include any group or individual involved in litigation" against the city or the MPD. Clark says she has already moved to dismiss the suit against Olson, but she's also filed a class-action suit against the police department. "It doesn't matter to me now," Clark says. "They want a mock process here, and it won't be any meaningful change."

Craig Mrusek

While hand-wringing over who, if anyone, will mediate continues on the council, others are concerned that too much time has been wasted already. "Nobody trusts the City Council or the mayor on this stuff," Edwards concludes. "They're going to fool around and get themselves another explosion in the streets."

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